A juror who sat on the Robert Blake murder trial is releasing a song he wrote about the American actor's case.

ROBERTO EMERICK says his track imagines what the BARETTA star was thinking as he waited the jury's verdict. It is to be part of a six-song album, JUDGEMENT DAY, he produced during the actor's trial.

Blake was found not guilty of the 2001 shooting of his wife BONNY LEE BAKLEY last week (ends18MAR05).

Under California law, Emerick cannot earn more than $50 (GBP26) from the track until a minimum of 90 days has elapsed after the Los Angeles trial.

The 30-year-old says, "This was a stress management thing for me. This is how I was able to cope with the pressures of being a juror."

Since announcing his plans on an appearance on US TV show Larry King LIVE, Emerick has received hate mail from fans accusing him of cashing in on Bakley's murder.

21/03/2005 02:54