Notorious actor Robert Blake is facing further financial woes after filing for bankruptcy in 2006 - he allegedly owes more than $1.1 million (£730,000) in unpaid taxes to the state of California.
The In Cold Blood star became infamous for his troubled personal life when he was tried and acquitted of murder in 2005 following the death of his wife Bonnie Lee Bakley.
Bakley's three children filed a civil suit against Blake and he was ordered to pay $30 million (£20 million) after he was found liable for her wrongful death.
Blake filed for bankruptcy in February, 2006 while struggling to pay off almost £3 million (£2 million) in unpaid state and federal taxes as well as his mounting legal fees.
According to the Detroit News, the star is being chased for even further debts - he's been hit with a new tax lien, filed in Los Angeles, for $1.1 million (£730,000) in back taxes.