LATEST: Troubled actor Robert Blake plotted to get custody of his baby daughter ROSIE a year before his wife Bonny Lee Bakley was killed.

Former Los Angeles police officer, turned private detective, WILLIAM JORDAN told a court on Friday (20AUG04) that he helped Blake deceive his wife.

Blake will stand accused of killing Bakley when the trial proper starts in November (04).

During the videotaped conditional examination, taken early due to Jordan's age and potential ill health, the detective told Judge DARLENE SCHEMPP, "He (Blake) didn't think Bonny was a good mother for Rosie. He wanted the baby... It was constantly on his mind."

Jordan went on to reveal he was hired by Blake in 2000 and worked with him to prepare a potential child custody case against his wife for several months.

During their collaboration, Jordan attempted to convince Bakley to hand over custody of her daughter to her husband after telling her she had broken the terms of a parole on an arrest of false identification by moving to Arkansas.

Jordan told the court, "I considered the whole thing a gimmick to get her to give him the baby."

23/08/2004 10:41