LATEST: Robert Blake finished testifying at a wrongful death lawsuit brought against him by his late wife's children yesterday (19OCT05), after seven days on the witness stand.

The BARETTA star again described what he says happened on the night of BONNIE LEE BAKLEY's murder in May 2001.

Bakley was shot in Blake's car outside a restaurant in Studio City, California. The 72-year-old actor was acquitted of fatally shooting Bakley in March (05), but her grown-up kids claim he is responsible for her death.

Blake says the killing happened as he returned to the eatery to collect a handgun he had left behind. During his testimony yesterday (19OCT05), Blake showed jurors how he picked up the gun from the restaurant's floor.

On Tuesday (18OCT05), the actor's attorney PETER EZZELL told the Burbank, California, court how a letter written by Bakley to her probation officer said, "I've almost been killed a half a dozen times."

Ezzell indicated this letter pointed towards the theory that many people wanted Bakley dead.

The trial continues.