Actor Robert Blake yesterday (03OCT05) told a civil court he never asked anybody to kill his wife Bonny Lee Bakley.

Blake is currently facing a civil lawsuit brought by the children of Bakley, who was found murdered in his car in Studio City, California, in May 2001. The BARETTA star was acquitted of fatally shooting Bakley in March (05), but her grown-up kids claim he is responsible for her death.

Yesterday, Bakley's lawyer ERIC DUBIN introduced sections of a testimony by witness Frank Minucci, who is not appearing at the civil trial.

New York-based actor Dubin claimed Blake had discussed plans to kill Bakley with him - an allegation the 72-year-old contests.

Blake was also quizzed as to whether he only wed Bakley for custody of their five-year-old daughter ROSIE.

Dubin asked, "Was the reason you married Bonnie Lee Bakley to get custody of Rosie Blake?"

Blake replied, "No. We got married to get to know each other and see if we could make it together."

The trial continues.