Murder suspect Robert Blake has blamed Marlon Brando's son CHRISTIAN for the death of his wife Bonny Lee Bakley.

Blake is standing trial for the murder of actress Bakley, who was fatally shot while sitting in a car outside Studio City, California eaterie VITELLO's following a meal with her husband in 2001.

The BARETTA star's attorney THOMAS MESEREAU JR told Judge DARLENE SCHEMPP at a court hearing yesterday (03FEB04) that Brando Jr has fled California and a warrant had been issued for his arrest.

Yesterday, the court dealt with arguments over the admissibility of evidence, during which Schempp refused to hear testimony by Brando Jr's acquaintance DIANE MATTSON, who claims she overheard him saying Bakley deserved to have a bullet put through her head.

Schempp was concerned about Mattson's allegations, and cited a "credibility issue" as the reason behind her decision to withhold Mattson's testimony.

Bakley was romantically involved with Brando Jr before she met and married Blake. After giving birth to baby ROSE in June 2000, the actress originally claimed it was Brando's, before DNA tests revealed Blake was the father.

04/02/2004 17:31