Actor Robert Blake has decided to play the role of 'grandpa' to his young daughter ROSIE, who is currently being raised by his adult child DELANA.

Delana took custody of Rosie while their father fought murder charges levelled against him over the death of four-year-old Rosie's mother BONNY LEE BAKLEY.

And now that he's been acquitted, Blake is allowing Delana to take on full parental responsibilities for the child.

In an exclusive interview with American newswoman Barbara Walters, he says, "Two months before I went (into jail), Delie was inundated. She had way too much on her plate, and all of a sudden, into her life comes (her beau) GREG.

"Rosie is the joy of everyone's life. Greg is a great father. He loves Delie, he love Rosie and I get to play grandpa. I get to take her fishing. Can you see me at a PTA meeting or sitting with a teacher in the fourth grade discussing her (work)? I talk to rocks and lizards and things. I don't know what to do with all that kinda stuff.

"I see Rosie all the time. I was at her house, she's at my house. You gotta understand, this is the blessing of the universe that Greg came in. He's a great guy, he has his own life, he writes books, he publishes books, he does everything that he's supposed to do.

"And that's the miracle of the ages that I don't have to be up at three o'clock in the morning with the chicken pox."

23/03/2005 02:54