Actor Robert Blake returned to court this morning (21APR05) to hammer out details of his upcoming civil trial.

The former BARETTA star, who was acquitted of the murder of BONNY LEE BAKLEY last month (MAR05), still faces a civil suit filed by her family, who still maintain the actor is guilty.

As the trial gets closer, the attorneys are fighting over the evidence and over what the two defendants - Blake and his former handyman EARL CALDWELL - can say in court.

This morning, Blake and his attorney PETER EZZELL and Caldwell arrived in court. The two defendants are scheduled for depositions over the next few weeks, but their attorneys want them to claim their Fifth Amendment rights and refuse to answer certain questions.

The attorney for the Bakley family is arguing that the defendant should be able to answer all questions.

The judge wants to wait until the trial.

The case is scheduled for 5 July (05).

22/04/2005 02:30