Actor Robert Blake told American TV this morning (22MAR05) who he believes was responsible for murdering his wife Bonny Lee Bakley.

The BARETTA star, 71, refused to name the culprit, but hinted it might have been "somebody whose father was taken for a ride" during his appearance on BARBARA WALTERS' show Good Morning America.

Blake was found not guilty on 16th March (05) of murdering Bakley in a car outside the Los Angeles restaurant they had just left. His interview with Walters was his first TV appearance since the trial.

The actor hit out at his late wife on the show, saying, "She led that kind of life. She made a lot of enemies and somebody whose father was taken for a ride or something like that. I don't know. I don't know."

Walters probed Blake as to why he lost his temper at the news conference following his acquittal, telling a reporter to "shut up" when asked if he knew who had killed Bakley.

He explained, "What I meant by 'shut up' is I mean I would like to have everybody stop killing Bonny now.

"Everybody is making a buck on Bonny. It's like, you know, America now is filling their rice bowl any way they can. They're still picking PRINCESS DIANA's bones."

The troubled star thanked Walters for giving him the opportunity to clear his name on national television. He told her, "You saved my life."

22/03/2005 17:40