Actor Robert Blake lashed out at lawyers who claimed he had been negligent in calling for emergency help after the fatal shooting of his wife BONNY LEE BAKLEY, insisting he simply didn't know how to use her cellphone.

The former BARETTA star was upset by questioning from Bakley's family lawyer, ERIC DUBIN, during a three-day deposition as part of a wrongful-death civil suit filed by the dead woman's kin.

And when he was asked if he tried to delay medical help for his wife after she was shot, angry Blake fumed, "That's offensive, sir. The answer is no."

Blake's lawyer PETER EZZELL insists Dubin was "doing his very best to pollute the jury pool with misinformation".

According to Ezzell, Blake made an offer of $250,000 (GBP131,510) last month (APR05) to settle the suit, but Bakley's family wanted 15 times that amount.

Blake was found not guilty of killing his wife in a criminal trial, which ended earlier this year (MAR05).

The civil suit continues.

13/05/2005 19:26