The family of actor Robert Blake's slain wife is fighting for the fallen star's hidden millions, claiming he is refusing to come clean about his fortune. Bonny Lee Bakley's family members, who brought a civil case against Blake and won millions in the decision, insist the Baretta star is hiding more than $20 million (GBP10 million) from them. A criminal court cleared Blake of the 2001 murder of Bakley, but he was ordered to pay out $30 million (GBP15 million) after being found responsible for his wife's death. Blake will appeal the decision in January (08), claiming he has nowhere near enough money to settle the debt - but the Bakley family lawyer, Eric Dubin, is convinced Blake has millions hidden away. He tells the New York Post, "It's hidden. There's upwards of $20 million. I know he pulled out of his bank hundreds of thousands - 5, 10, 15, 20,000 at a time - smallish increments, which wouldn't put up a red flag. "He's very smart... This man's capable of having buried cash under the third palm tree in the desert." Dubin also reveals that Rosie, the child Blake and Bakley had together, has been legally adopted by the actor's older daughter, and the family members are keen to get on with their lives, once the financial outcome is settled. The appeal hearing will begin on 15 January (08).