Hollywood director Robert Altman's NEVE CAMPBELL-starring London play has been panned by British theatre critics, who have labelled the production "a towering embarrassment". The Gosford Park film-maker's production of Arthur Miller's RESURRECTION BLUES stars SCREAM actress Campbell, Matthew Modine and James Fox and opened on Thursday (02MAR06). Broadsheet The Telegraph's critic CHARLES SPENCER writes, "Far from being thrilling it is the most terrible embarrassment. Who could possibly have thought it a kindness to stage a play that can only do grievous damage to the dramatist's posthumous reputation? "Altman's direction clunks and many of the cast seem downright apologetic about their lines - that is on those occasions when they can remember them." Meanwhile, the Independent's PAUL TAYLOR says, "The distinguished cast look and sound as if they have been allowed to lose faith in themselves and in the material." London newspaper the Evening Standard said the play has "a one-way ticket to the theatrical mausoleum", adding, "Resurrection Blues turns out to be a towering embarrassment, a chunk of satirical-religious anecdotage, whose British premiere has all the allure of a sagging derriere."