Robbie Williams' claims he was miserable while performing in Take That have been rubbished by former members of the British boyband.

Gary Barlow and Jason Orange claim Williams, who left Take That in 1995, a year before the group folded, has grossly exaggerated tales of depression to improve his image as a solo artist.

Barlow, now a highly-sought after songwriter, says, "When Robbie says he didn't enjoy a day in Take That, it's an absolute lie.

"I have proof he enjoyed being in Take That because I have tons of on-the-road footage of me and Robbie hugging each other and laughing.

"I have hundreds of video tapes showing Robbie having a great time. It's all kept in my safe. So he is lying.

"He turned his back completely on his past in order to move forward.

"I hated all the things Robbie said about is when we split up. A lot of them were lies and it took me years to forget that."

Orange, who gave up his music career when the band split, says, "I'm not saying that he hasn't got emotional issues. But I think Rob is very clever and knows what he should say and how to be a drama queen and exaggerate things."