Pop hunk Robbie Williams is so determined to become a soccer champion he's enlisted the ultimate coach - Real Madrid superstar David Beckham.

The ROCK DJ singer grabbed Beckham backstage at London's historic Live 8 gig earlier this month (02JUL05) and persuaded him to teach him the tricks of his trade in exchange for a few singing lessons.

A pal of Beckham explains, "David and Robbie got chatting backstage after the Live 8 show.

"Becks invited Robbie to Spain, where he's promised to give him a tour of his club, Real Madrid's training ground, as well as teaching him a few skills.

"Robbie's already quite good at football but he's keen to learn from the expert.

"The deal is, if David teaches Robbie some new ball skills, Robbie has to teach David how to sing."

15/07/2005 05:55