British pop star Robbie Williams' mother has hinted at a possible reunion between the singer and his former band Take That, insisting it is "something he wanted to do". Williams quit the group in 1995, blaming his departure on frayed relationships with his bandmates, and shunned the Back For Good hitmakers when they reformed last year (06). But the Angels singer's mum, Jan, reckons a complete Take That reunion is imminent. She says, "On the question of him doing something with them, I feel that will happen. It would be something he wanted to do. "I'm thrilled that out of all the negative stuff that happened in the past, there's now something great happening. Take That were excellent when they were all together and they are excellent now." And Jan admits the 33-year-old has finally overcome his depression after kicking drugs and alcohol. She adds, "He's enjoying his life and his football (soccer) and going out with the lads and having a laugh. It's great to see. He's doing a lot of writing, he spends a lot of time in his studio. He's in a very good place."