British pop singer Robbie Williams is collaborating with BLOCKHEADS star CHAZ JANKEL on his next album. The Angels hitmaker is currently writing new material for a forthcoming LP and has enlisted the help of Jankel to give the tracks a funky edge. Jankel was behind the Blockheads' 1978 smash single Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick, along with late frontman Ian Drury. Although Williams has no plans to release an album any time soon, he is determined to carry on writing new material for his comeback record. A source tells British newspaper The Sun, "Robbie and Chaz have been working on some great stuff. Out of all his new tunes, the Chaz stuff is the best. "Currently his problem is that he has lots of music that he's worked on with various people. It all sounds very different so it doesn't sit well as an album." Williams recently rejoined his former songwriting partner Guy Chambers but insists it was a one-off. The source adds, "The big reunion with Guy was a real let down. They just couldn't reignite that spark."