LATEST: British pop star Robbie Williams is being sued for GBP300,000 ($540,000) after his former Take That manager objected to lyrics on his new song THE NINETIES. In the outspoken track, Williams reveals he fantasised about hurting the pop mogul during his time with the chart-topping boy band. But NIGEL MARTIN-SMITH believes the lyrics are defamatory and untrue, and yesterday (06OCT06) he served a High Court writ against Williams and his record label Chrysalis, demanding GBP300,000 in damages if the track is released. The legal action could delay the 23 October (06) release of Williams' forthcoming RUDEBOX album, where the track appears. A source tells British newspaper The Sun, "This could seriously hamper the chances of Robbie's album coming out on time. "The major problem is that thousands of pounds have already been spent on an international marketing campaign to promote the album. From the record label's point of view the album has to come out on time." Williams has publicly criticised Martin-Smith for years, claiming his former manager forced him to lose weight and even refused to pay him for a successful European tour with Take That.

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