Pop star Robbie Williams credits his love of soccer with saving him from a life of drug addiction. Although the singer has been sober for more than five years after battling alcoholism, he admits he is heavily addicted to chocolate and coffee and occasionally takes recreational drugs. But he insists he would spiral out of control if he didn't need to keep fit to play sport. He says, "I'm addicted to everything. I drink far too much coffee. I'm never asleep before 4 or 5am - and ten o'clock in the morning is like the middle of the night for me. "I straddle the line between f**king 'Sport Billy' who loves getting up in the morning and attacking my day with gusto, playing football and being fit, and then there's the half of me that just wants to be somewhere else in my head. "I'm cut between a druggie and a professional athlete. I hate drugs. I love drugs. "I can honestly say that I don't take too many prescription drugs. And you can easily get into the too many sleeping tablets thing. But I love football - and sleeping tablets don't mix with it."