British singer Robbie Williams has taken a break from criticising fellow celebrities to offer words of encouragement to fledging solo star BRIAN McFADDEN.

Williams is full of praise for the former WESTLIFE singer's debut single REAL FOR ME, and his album IRISH SON - partly because they were mainly co-written with Guy Chambers, Williams' former song-writing partner.

The 30-year-old says, "Real To Me is nearly a great song. He looks great, he sings great and the song is nearly great. Well, I keep prefacing the 'great' with 'nearly' to make it sound a bit bitchy, but I've done loads of songs that are nearly good.

"It's funny he said that musically he wasn't like me - nine tracks on the album are written by Guy. I don't want to slag him off because he's a nice guy."

12/12/2004 21:23