Pop hunk Robbie Williams has ruled out a potential acting career, despite enjoying his cameo role in Cole Porter biopic De-lovely.

The former TAKE THAT star sings Porter's track IT'S DE-LOVELY in the IRWIN WINKLER musical drama and also voices the character of DOUGAL in the forthcoming MAGIC ROUNDABOUT remake.

However, Williams labels a career in acting "ridiculous" and has downplayed his role in the Hollywood film, saying, "Blink and you'll miss me.

"I have no interest in acting. I think it's a ridiculous job. I just get so self-conscious. I turn completely robotic."

And the MILLENNIUM hitmaker is amused by the British media's campaign to alert film-makers that Williams would be the ideal successor to Pierce Brosnan in the James Bond films.

Williams smirks, "Me from Stoke(-On-Trent, northern England), doing James Bond? I just don't see it happening.

"Me going, 'Eh up Miss Moneypenny, how ya goin' chuck?' I don't think so."

03/10/2004 14:09