Pop hunk Robbie Williams reveals all about his former friendship with LIAM and Noel Gallagher in his forthcoming autobiography, including their secret cocaine sessions.

In the ex-TAKE THAT star's tome THE WORLD ACCORDING TO ROBERT P WILLIAMS, the MILLENNIUM chart-topper recalls his heavily drug influenced friendship with the Oasis frontman Liam.

Williams says, "I went from Noel's mate to keeping his distance and me being mates with Liam.

"For a while, it felt great. Liam and I used to snort s**t loads of charlie and sing SGT PEPPER (LONELY HEARTS CLUB BAND) to each other.

"But Liam was really paranoid about everything. It's dreadfully sad for him."

A few months later, the brothers turned their back on Williams and haven't been pals since.

Williams laments, "It wound me up because I really loved them and admired them for a while.

"Noel absolutely hates me."

24/08/2004 02:45