Pop hunk Robbie Williams is desperate to launch and host a TV series about his favourite subject - ghosts.

The RADIO singer's obsession with the paranormal began when he was living in GHOSTBUSTERS star Dan Aykroyd's old house in Hollywood, which he insists was "utterly haunted" by a moody old lady, who he intends to film for his show.

He says, "I really want to do a whole TV series on paranormal things, perhaps on LIVING TV. I'm really intrigued. I'm pretty open for it to be real. We'll go to Los Angeles go to HOUDINI's, to Dan Aykroyd's house, go round all these places, have a seance and video what comes up.

"When I moved out of Dan Aykroyd's old house, the removal men wouldn't go in because of the old lady sitting in the chair. True story. ZAK STARKEY said to me, 'I hear you're in my old place,' because his dad Ringo Starr used to own it.

"And he asked me if I'd seen the children in the garden and the old lady. Well I never saw the kids, but the old lady certainly kept cropping up."

05/10/2004 13:53