Pop stars Robbie Williams, Alanis Morissette, Sheryl Crow and ELVIS COSTELLO are being lined up to appear in a big-screen musical about COLE PORTER.

The musicians will appear in forthcoming flick JUST ONE OF THOSE THINGS - which stars actor Kevin Kline in the lead role - dancing and singing some of the songwriting legend's most famous songs.

Robbie, who previously covered Porter's DID YOU EVAH? for his SWING WHEN YOUR WINNING album, will sing IT'S DE-LOVELY.

Sheryl Crow will cover BEGIN THE BEGUINE, Alanis Morissette will dance and sing LET'S DO IT, LET'S FALL IN LOVE and Elvis Costello will perform LET'S MISBEHAVE.

Producer Rob Cowan claims the film, which does not as yet have a release date as yet, will be unlike any musical seen in recent time.

He says, "With complex characters and situations for the actors to explore, amazing costumes and choreography, and Porter's terrific music to drive the narrative forward - the result is moving and exciting."

30/05/2003 17:03