LATEST: British pop star Robbie Williams is reportedly being forced to rework his upcoming album RUDEBOX, after former Take That manager NIGEL MARTIN-SMITH initiated legal action over the track THE NINETIES. In the outspoken song, Williams details how he has fantasised about gouging the pop mogul's eyes out during his time with the chart-topping boy band. He sings, "Either you're a thief or you're s**t, which one will you admit to? Such an evil man, I used to fantasise about taking a Stanley knife and playing around with your eyes." After years of being publicly criticised by the ANGELS singer, Martin-Smith has snapped, and has allegedly hired top libel and defamation lawyer QC ANDREW CALDECOTT to take care of matters. British newspaper the Daily Mirror reports Martin-Smith is demanding The Nineties is removed from Rudebox, which is scheduled for a 23 October (06) release in the UK, or else he will take Williams to court. A source says, "Nigel is getting really heavy with his lawyers over these allegations. He is taking it very seriously. "Robbie's lawyers are now dealing with it and have agreed that no copies of the song will be distributed until the legal issues have been resolved." In the past, Williams has claimed Martin-Smith forced him to change his name, lose weight and even refused to pay him for a successful European tour with Take That.