Singer Robbie Williams experiences supernatural visions and is uncertain whether he has spiritual powers or is suffering from extreme delusional paranoia.

The FEEL star and reformed drug addict admits his life could have been one of substance abuse but now believes he is blessed with mystical awareness.

He says, "If music hadn't worked out I would either have been a complete Pete Doherty, or I would have been a holistic man of medicine and spirituality. A spiritualist medium.

"I think I do have powers. I've seen things. My sister's dog jumping at her feet, when it had passed away years before. Green lights coming in at my window, too. Security locks opening and closing in front of my eyes. TVs switching on and off.

"I want to find out if these are real ghostly experiences or just my complete paranoia. It's one of the two that I want to get rid of. I just want to know."