British singer Robbie Williams gets a natural high from performing on stage, now he's kicked his drink and drugs addiction.

Despite his stage fright, the sober LET ME ENTERTAIN YOU star, 30, is eager to get back on the road and tour as it provides him with the "biggest buzz".

Williams says, "I can't wait to get out and tour because releasing an album and touring is the biggest buzz of all for me.

"I love it, it's what I do for kicks these days. It's better than any bottle of booze or gram of coke I've ever had.

"It's funny, though. I always feel really sick before I go on stage, especially if it's a massive show, because it's just me, Rob, getting up there.

"But once I'm actually on stage it's different - suddenly 'Robbie' enters and takes over.

"It's like I'm a different person, wearing protective armour, who's there to entertain everyone."

23/12/2004 21:52