Robbie Williams has blasted critics for assuming all his greatest hits were composed by his former songwriting partner Guy Chambers.

The British singer is devastated he's not given credit for his best-loved tunes - because they're nearly entirely his own creations.

And he blames the fact he used to be in boyband Take That for leading music fans to believe he doesn't possess the talent to write songs.

Williams says, "I've written a lot of songs myself, but no one appreciates that. It pees me off because everyone thinks Guy penned LET ME ENTERTAIN YOU and ANGELS but they're my songs.

"Just because I'm Robbie Williams from Take That, nobody credits me with anything. It's understandable because I wasn't the songwriter in the band.

"Hence, when I decided to create my own albums, people assume that the lion's share is done by someone else. But it's not. I write lyrics, I write melodies and occasionally I write the music, too."

23/12/2004 13:51