Pop star Robbie Williams has taken part in a controversial crucifixion stunt on British illusionist Derren Brown's new TV show, to be screened on Easter Sunday (16APR06). The hypnotised ANGELS hitmaker has 14 inch needles pierced through his arms while being stretched out as if he were on the cross, like Jesus Christ. Insiders claim the 32-year-old was close to being sick at one point during the shock stunt on Brown's show TRICK OF THE MIND, which will be aired on British TV network Channel 4. Williams says, "I want to decorate myself like that. Perhaps Derren can come on tour and insert (the needles). Brown, 35, adds, "With a celebrity like Robbie I felt we needed something better than a simple card trick. "I kind of imagined someone of his calibre would need to know everything in advance but, no - he was just up for it. Mind you, he looked quite troubled by the end of it." Brown's previous stunts include making a group of hypnotised participants rob a security van, and playing Russian Roulette with a loaded gun.