Pop singer Robbie Williams apologised to former JOY DIVISION rockers PETER HOOK and Bernard Sumner when his song ANGELS beat classic Joy Division track LOVE WILL TEAR US APART to a BRIT AWARD earlier this year (05).

Williams was left so red-faced when his song won the Brits 25 Best Song award - honouring the best UK tune of the last quarter of a century - he immediately sought out the veteran stars, who formed New Order after Joy Division frontman IAN CURTIS killed himself in 1980.

Bassist Hook says, "Robbie came and apologised. We've known him for years and he's a nice guy.

"Me and Bernard were taking the p**s because he knew the score.

I thought he should have given his Brit away - to us. He didn't need another one."

25/03/2005 03:03