Robbie Williams consulted LITTLE BRITAIN comedian Matt Lucas when he suffered a worrying bout of writer's block. The ANGELS hitmaker, a huge fan of the British comedy, was struggling to come up with any good songs to include on his new album RUDEBOX, and he was keen to see if Lucas had any better ideas. An insider says, "Matt was staying at Robbie's house with his boyfriend KEVIN MCGEE last Christmas. Robbie wasn't happy with this song's lyrics, so he just asked Matt if he had any ideas. "He came up with some words about a bloke with obsessive compulsive disorder who wants to go out on a date but whose condition stops him leaving the house. Rob loved it and asked Matt to sing backing vocals. "Matt was too nervous to sing in front of Robbie, so he waited until Robbie went off to play football, and then recorded the vocals alone." Despite the fact there is no sign of the track on Robbie's new album, the comedian apparently has an MP3 version on his laptop that he shows off to friends.