Robbie Williams claims Take That once held a record for packing out accident and emergency departments with drunk middle-aged women from their concerts.

The 42-year-old singer insists when the group got back together for their 35-date 'Progress Live Tour' in 2011, A&Es at hospitals were full of ladies who had been to their shows and had one too many beverages.

He said: ''When we reformed to do the 'Progress Tour', we held the record for the most middle-aged women at the ER due to being too drunk ... it's true.''

Robbie - who is teetotal after previous battles with drink and drugs - also claims Take That held a record for having the most people at a show who fainted and ended up in an emergency room (ER).

Speaking to Mike Toolan and Kelly Pegg at the Key 103 Christmas Live pop party, he added: ''Back in the day we held the record for the most people fainting at a concert who had to go to the ER.''

Robbie has previously admitted he is ''proud'' of the group's fans who have a few drinks before their concerts.

Speaking at their concert in Cardiff on June 15, 2011, as part of their 'Progress Live Tour', he told the crowd: ''We used to have the record for the number of girls fainting.

''Now we have the record for the most middle-aged boozed-up women. I, Robbie Williams, am proud of you.''

What's more, a steward at the gig described the concert-goers as ''worse'' than rugby fans.

They said: ''This lot are worse than the rugby fans we get here. They've been boozing for ages and are hammered.''