Robbie Williams' fiancee has temporarily moved out of their Los Angeles home.

Actress Ayda Field has become increasingly fed-up with the 'Angels' singer constantly watching the soccer World Cup - which kicked-off last Friday (11.06.10) in South Africa - so has moved into her mother's house to escape the sport.

A source said: "Robbie's wife-to-be decided she could not take any more after three days of soccer. So she has moved out of his mansion and gone back to live with her mum until the World Cup is over.

"Ayda said she just has to get some peace."

Until the end of next week, games are played every day and Ayda has said she may return when the tournament goes into the knockout stages when matches are played more sporadically.

The source added to The Sun newspaper: "Normally nothing could keep her and Robbie apart, but she has decided to pamper herself with spa treatments.

"She will be back when Robbie eases up on the amount of matches he is watching. She doesn't understand soccer and has absolutely no interest in it. She is already bored stupid."