A previously unheard track by Robbie Williams is expected to reignite the pop star's feud with rocker Liam Gallagher, with lyrics branding the Oasis star "inbred". Williams allegedly recorded John Lennon spoof GIVE PIES A CHANCE in 2000, poking fun at Gallagher's band, looks and relationship with ex-wife Patsy Kensit. Williams sings, "Your Mrs fancies me - bet she wishes she'd waited 'til I was shifting units", and also brands the rockers "monkey boys". A source tells British newspaper The Sun, "Robbie recorded the track with songwriting partner Guy Chambers when they were working on SING WHEN YOU'RE WINNING - their third album together back in 2000. "The song ended up on the cutting room floor when they realised the almighty stink it would cause." Williams and Gallagher were briefly friends in 1995 before their relationship deteriorated.