Pop hunk Robbie Williams' ideal man is Blue's LEE RYAN - whom he brands an "archetypal gay bloke".

The RADIO icon has long fuelled speculation in the British tabloid press surrounding his sexuality, with a dancer recently claiming he had intercourse with the 30-year-old during his Take That days.

Talking to British gay magazine ATTITUDE, Williams denied he was homosexual, although he was up for talking about male celebrities whom he finds attractive.

He said, "They've all got their appeal. But if I put my gay man shoes on for a minute, Lee is your archetypal gay's bloke.

"He's like one of those adverts you get at the back of magazines, the ones with the guys in soccer strips and you can phone up and listen to them having a w**k apparently.

"Well, Lee's one of them. He is totally a gay phoneline ad."

03/11/2004 14:22