Pop star Robbie Williams' new single RUDEBOX has been panned by horrified critics as "the worst single ever". The badly-received attempt at electro-funk has even been snubbed by pals including BBC Radio 1 DJs CHRIS MOYLES and EDITH BOWMAN. Moyles says, "I just think it's very odd. I wish he would get back with his old songwriter Guy Chambers," while Bowman adds, "I'm not a big fan of this single". Meanwhile, British newspaper the Daily Mirror slam the release as "laughable" and "a huge embarrassment". A music industry insider says, "Robbie's new sound is a turn-off. He thought he could do a Madonna - change his style and stay on top, but I'm afraid it has backfired. "Rudebox is something you either love or hate, and sadly for him, most people seem to hate it. "He's basically become the new Cliff Richard - a hardcore of fans will pick it up automatically, but when it comes to racking up massive sales, it's a different story."

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