Pop star Robbie Williams has written a terrifying song about former Take That manager NIGEL MARTIN-SMITH, detailing how he has fantasised about gouging the pop mogul's eyes out. Williams, who rocketed to fame with the British boy band before going solo, is still seething over the bad treatment he and his ex bandmates suffered at the hands of Martin-Smith - who, he alleges, forced him to change his name, lose weight and even refused to pay the pop hunks for a successful European tour. The scathing song, titled THE NINETIES, includes the worrying snipe, "Either you're a thief or you're s**t, which one will you admit to? Such an evil man, I used to fantasise about taking a Stanley knife and playing around with your eyes." Williams explains, "When we'd finished touring and asked where the money was, he said, 'You don't make money in Europe, boys.' "Well, I don't understand. I'm on this tour in Europe, making money, doing very well in fact. So either he's a thief or a rubbish manager."

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