Heavily tattooed pop rocker Robbie Williams was "obsessed" with rocker rivals LIAM and Noel Gallagher.

In a scandalous revelation in unauthorised biography ROBBIE WILLIAMS: ANGELS AND DEMONS, writer PAUL SCOTT secured an interview with Robbie's former manager KEVIN KINSELLA who details the cheeky singer's infatuation with the Oasis brothers.

Kinsella says in the book, "He was like a groupie. Noel and Liam took the p**s, saying he fancied them."

When the ROCK DJ chart topper quit Take That, he took to following Oasis around at pop festivals, and later said, "I wanted to be Liam. I'd been in a boy band but he was cool."

However, a few years later a musical rivalry started up between the former friends.

Robbie first threatened to fight Liam at the BRIT Awards in 2000. The Oasis singer later hit back at the Q Awards by saying of Robbie's prize, "He deserved the Q award - for queer." To which Robbie's response was, "We'll have sex. That's what all this is about, isn't it? Let's get it out in the open. I want to do it with Liam Gallagher."

18/06/2003 17:23