British pop superstar Robbie Williams has cancelled a promotional tour of America next year (04) - after music bosses conceded that he will probably never crack the lucrative US market.

The ANGELS hitmaker has an impressive career in his native Britain, but attempts to win over American audiences have failed. And now sources at his record company EMI - who signed him to an incredible $128 million (GBP80 million) deal earlier this year (03) - say that the singer and his executives have given up.

The source confides, "The cancellation of the tour may be the final nail in the coffin of those plans now. As much as Robbie claims he isn't interested in America, privately it does upset him.

"There was a plan for Robbie to cross the States next year in a big push for recognition there. The dates were down for smallish venues in the hope that, at last, we could get somewhere with the American record buying public.

"But they have been canned because of the fear that it just won't work. It's no secret that we had hoped Robbie would become a massive star in America but I'm afraid it really looks like that is never going to happen now."

23/10/2003 02:00