British pop star Robbie Williams hasn't finished earning money from his spectacular Knebworth, England concerts this summer - he's set to collect a staggering $24 million (GBP15 million) by releasing a live CD and DVD recording of the gigs.

Robbie's record company EMI hope to have the disc in shops in time for Christmas (DEC03).

The former boyband hunk, 29, drew in crowds of 360,000 for the two concerts in August (03), making them the biggest live performance ever seen in Britain, and adding a cool $16 million (GBP10 million) to Robbie's already impressive bank - he pocketed $120 million (GBP80 million) to re-sign with EMI last year (02).

Now label bosses predict the live album will net him yet more millions - and help revive the concept of the live LP.

A spokesperson for British record stores HMV says, "The real heyday of the live album was back in the Seventies when there were definitive releases from the likes of Bob Dylan, The Who and Peter Frampton.

"It has been a neglected format of late, but if anyone can revive the live album concept, it would have to be Robbie Williams.

"He has a huge and very dedicated following.

"I think we are already looking at the best-selling CD and music DVD in the run-up to Christmas (DEC03)."

03/09/2003 02:34