British pop star Robbie Williams has praised his expectant wife's resolve throughout a difficult pregnancy after she developed diabetes.
Ayda Field has been a trooper while carrying the couple's first child, agreeing to move from Los Angeles to London because Williams wants his baby to have a U.K. passport.
He also reveals Ayda hasn't been able to indulge - the actress was told to watch what she eats after being diagnosed with gestational diabetes.
The singer tells Britain's The Sun, "She's been confined to London. She's not supposed to be due until the 26th (of September). Ayda's like a very slim girl with a basketball - from the back you can't tell she's pregnant. She has been like an athlete where being pregnant is concerned - she's been a machine.
"She got diabetes through it too, so she's had to watch her diet. But she has been absolutely f**king amazing, because I know that hormones get the best of people. She could have been all shapes of crazy but she's not."
However, Williams admits the mum-to-be has had a few grumpy episodes as her due date approaches, adding, "The first trimester she was nauseous and the second was amazing. Then the third trimester was pretty similar up until last week. Then she had a couple of days of full-on grump, which is only to be expected when your bladder is the size of a pea and a human is treading on your insides."