Robbie Williams now wants ''everyone in America'' to know who he is.

The 'Angels' hitmaker has never managed to match the success he's enjoyed in his native UK Stateside and while he previously ''gave up'' and enjoyed his anonymity in the US, he's now focused on cracking the country.

He said: ''I spent years trying to break America and then I just gave up and thought, 'I can come here unrecognised.'

''But now I've changed my mind. I want everyone in America to know my name. I want Jennifer Aniston to know who I am.''

Robbie, who has a house in Los Angeles, has admitted taking on the residency was a ''no-brainer'' because it has always been something he dreamed of.

He said: ''This is a dream I've had since I was a kid.

''This is what I've always wanted to do. I love Vegas. I live 35 minutes away by plane.

''I can come here, bring my kids and perform in this city - which always seemed like the centre of showbiz to me, because I grew up listening to Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra.

''These were the guys my dad wanted to be like, and I wanted to be like my dad, so Vegas was where it was at.''

The 45-year-old star - who has three children with wife Ayda Field - is currently midway through a 15-date residency in Las Vegas and he's hoping the audiences will start ''spreading the word'' about him.

He told HELLO! Magazine: ''What thrills me is I get British people in the audience but I also get Americans. They know my songs. They know the words to 'Angels' and 'Feel'.

''I'm like, 'So you do know me - well tell all your mates about me. Start spreading the word. I'm here waiting.' ''