Robbie Williams invited Biffy Clyro for a game of soccer at his house, and singer Simon Neil was asked to play a solo on the Take That star’s new album, reports The NME.

"We got asked to play football at Robbie Williams’ house, but we couldn’t do it because we had stuff to do." Neil explained: "I got asked to play a solo on his record too, but I turned it down. I wish all the best for Robbie, but I don’t think he needs my help. Bizarrely, I think Slash is going to play the solo now, which makes the whole thing cooler," he modestly added. Biffy Clyro have had a busy period of touring, and perhaps were simply too tired to participate on Robbie’s record." Neil spoke candidly on the pressures of touring: "We worked for so long on the last record and toured for so long, you can get home and don't feel like you belong – you feel like a stranger in your own home.”

Williams has recently released his video for new single, Candy, in which he punches an old woman in the face. Speaking to British tabloid The Sun, he explained that his new single is “a summer song, very much in a similar vein to Rock DJ, about a girl who thinks she’s great. And she might be, but she’s a bit nefarious with her ways.”