British pop hunk Robbie Williams is now vying to become a TV star in his bid to leap into America's celebrity world.

As his attempt at breaking the US charts with his new album FEEL appears to be faltering, the former Take That frontman is now pinning hopes on landing a role on popular prank programme JKX: THE Jamie Kennedy EXPERIMENT.

Williams appeared on late-night TV show LAST CALL WITH Carson Daly on Friday (11APR03), where Hollywood funnyman JAMIE KENNEDY was also a guest.

And almost as soon as SCREAM star Kennedy took to the stage to be interviewed by host CARSON DALY, Williams informed him, "I really wanna be on it and be like the posh English dude who thinks he's hip-hop, fa shizzle nizzle."

An Kennedy seems willing to take a chance on including littleknown Williams on his show, saying, "I would love to do something, it would be fun. We could axe England bangers 'n' mash style."