Robbie Williams once tried to impress a woman by showing her a video of his biggest concert.

The 'Candy' singer was so keen to impress an American girl who had never heard of him that he sat her down and played her footage from his mammoth 2003 Knebworth concerts - which attracted 375,000 fans over three nights at the iconic open air concert location in Hertfordshire, England.

He said: ''I've watched like the first three numbers of Knebworth when I was trying to impress an American girl that had never heard of me in the States. 'Check this out, what do you think of that?' ''

Robbie - who has a baby daughter, Theodora 'Teddy' Rose, with wife wife Ayda Field - also revealed he has a ''phobia'' of mobile phones and he wishes everyone used fax machines instead like musician Morrissey did in a documentary he once watched.

Speaking on 'When Robbie Met James' - which airs on Friday night (23.11.12) in the UK on Sky1 HD at 9pm - the 38-year-old singer explained: ''I don't have a mobile phone. And I've never liked the phone. I have a phone phobia if you like. Oh and I'd seen a documentary about Morrissey and Morrissey got back to everybody via fax machine and I thought, 'I understand that.' ''