British pop superstar Robbie Williams is upset he passes unrecognised as the one of the most successful songwriters of his generation - but he can't be "bothered" to set the record straight.

The ANGELS star is annoyed by the common assumption that his former songwriting partner Guy Chambers and current muse STEPHEN DUFFY create the music while he only provides the vocals on his tracks.

Williams has mastered a number of instruments since quitting boyband Take That 10 years ago (95), but he refuses to play on stage to prove his critics wrong.

He says, "It upsets me that no one knows I write the songs, or have any interest in music whatsoever. It breaks my heart.

"I mean, if people hate my music, I want them to hate it because I wrote it - don't hate it because you think I'm singing someone else's song.

"It's because I can't be bothered to play the guitar or the synthesisers on stage. That's (what it takes for) people (to) go, 'Oh, he did write them!' But I can't be bothered."