Robbie Williams' new album INTENSIVE CARE will set a record when it tops the UK album chart on Sunday (30OCT05), because British acts will have occupied the number one spot for 25 consecutive weeks.

The previous record, set in March 1990, stands at 24 weeks - and the chart dominance of UK artists and bands this year (05) has been attributed to the boom in internet downloads and the resurgence of adult interest in contemporary music by industry experts.

MAX LOUSADA, Managing Director of Atlantic Records, says, "The adult orientated audience have become a forceful part of the albums market and they have more records than ever to choose to purchase.

"Suddenly with iTunes and certain publications doing music spreads they have re-engaged with music. And the really successful live music scene has re-engaged the youth market."

Non UK acts have spent just five weeks at the top of the album chart since January.