Robbie Williams' concert in Tallinn, Estonia, is to be broadcast live in over 750 cinemas across Europe.

Fans of the 39-year-old 'Candy' singer will be able to experience his Take the Crown Stadium Tour from the comfort of their local cinemas on August 20.

The pop star will also recognise one particular group of fans by giving a shout out to their cinema from the stage at the event.

Fans have until the show to campaign for him to pick their cinema, through using a the hashtag #CrownTheTown on Twitter or the star's Facebook page.

Robbie has been on the road since June and admits he has a long pre-show beauty regime, taking him hours to prepare for each concert.

He said: ''I have a massage, that's an hour and a half. Then I have a shower, shave, make-up. In the flesh I'm not that beautiful, so we need make-up.

''Then I'll have my hair done, then stretching, it's a five- hour thing.''

Cinema tickets to watch the singer's Tallinn show are available through Robbie's official website or directly from participating cinemas.