The British popstar, who has a history with depression, alcoholism and addiction to drug and prescription medicine, shared how he discovered a new antidepressant which has calmed him down following a "weird summer" where he struggled to talk to anybody other than his wife Ayda Field.

When asked about his demons, he told the Radio Times magazine, "They’ve been all right. But it happens to coincide with finding a different medication. For real.

"(I) just couldn’t connect with anybody, apart from my wife. I didn’t know how to talk to anybody, even people who are with me every day... I was isolated, in my head. It was troublesome and sad. Then I tried this antidepressant and things have changed. The demons are quiet."

He credits the drug Brintellix for causing the change, and tells the publication he could take other drugs safely because he's "not searching to do anything" but he can't drink alcohol or take recreational drugs such as cocaine or ecstasy.

During the interview Robbie also revealed the royalty cheques he receives from streaming sites such as Spotify are not very big because he's not a "streamed artist" and he struggles to get big names like Bruno Mars and Swedish songwriter Max Martin to work with him.

He never heard back from either of them, but one time he bumped into One Direction star Harry Styles and discovered he didn't have such problems finding those collaborators for his solo material.

"I met Harry Styles in an airport. 'Oh, you're writing, Harry? Great, who with?' He goes: 'Well, I just spent a week with Bruno Mars, and I'm about to spend a week with Max Martin.'"

He replied to Harry: "You're the new me. Good luck!"