British pop hunk Robbie Williams has revived his plans to crack America, by signing up with talent powerhouse CREATIVE ARTISTS AGENCY.

The Beverly Hills-based firm, home to such stars as Julia Roberts, TOM HANKS and Tobey Maguire, will represent Williams in such areas as touring, film and television work in the deal, which covers the US, Canada and South America.

Williams, 30, was previously represented in America by New York-based boutique LITTLE BIG MAN.

The former Take That frontman, who stars alongside Kevin Kline in the upcoming movie De-lovely, has been making relentless attempts to crack the tough American market, but has so far been relatively unsuccessful - despite her superstardom around the rest of the world.

He recently declared that he'd given up on trying to make it big in the US.

Sources close to Williams say he is taking time off, with plans to resume touring next year (05).

01/04/2004 09:01