British singer Robbie Williams has given fans a glimpse into his wedding day by showing off footage from his nuptials in an online video.

The Angels hitmaker exchanged vows with Ayda Field at his Los Angeles home in 2010, and the couple's big day was captured on camera by Williams' brother-in-law Dylan.

Dylan used footage of the wedding in a video he made to the singer's 2012 track Soul Transmission, and Williams has now shared the project with fans.

In a post on his blog, he writes, "My mad and much loved brother-in-law is always filming, he filmed our wedding day and one year anniversary party.

"Ayda and I had never got round to watching any footage but Dylan heard Soul Transmission... and loved it so he cut us this video as a surprise. I loved it and wanted to share it… so I threw in a bit of lip synch done in my garden one morning and here's a preview. Enjoy our day... we did."